Dress DIY


//Over the weekend I had a little bit of rare down time and while cleaning up the massive pile of laundry laying on my bedroom floor I stumbled across this plain gray dress.  I wore it the other day and happened to get a nice grease stain on the bottom hem of the dress while lifting my bike up onto our bike rack. I wasn’t even going to attempt to get the grease out and  thought instead a DIY was in order.   It is a dress I love to just throw on in the summer so with a stencil and some paint I think I saved it.

Essentially just took a piece of a pizza box and cut out a triangle.

Essentially just took a piece of a pizza box and cut out a triangle.


For the paint I used Speedball Water soluble block printing ink


//Not quite finished yet but hopefully in the next day or so I can get it finished up. I wasn’t so sure about the pattern at first but after putting some of the triangles closer together and more sporadic, and I am starting to warm up to it.  I think once it is completely done I am going to really like it.  I am always a sucker for pattern overload.  Overall the process was really simple, which means is the perfect DIY!

  1. Pick out solid color garment ( this would work great on t-shirts, tanks or skirts as well )
  2. Gathered supplies: Firm bristled paint brushes, Ink that can hold up to  the wash, cardboard
  3. Used an exact-o knife to cut out the triangle
  4. Using the firm brush I ended up having to use more of a stippling motion when painting it otherwise it was pulling the fabric up and messing where I had the stencil laid out.
  5. Once completely finished my plan is to set the ink with an iron. Just turn the garment inside out so you’re not ironing right onto the ink.
  6. Wash and wear! 🙂

I’ll make sure to toss a picture on the blog once I have the entire dress done for you all to see.