Life Update!

//So much has happened in the last 6 months since I have started this blog, and ultimately resulted in my long absence. The main reason would be that after my fiance and I got engaged last August we found out a few months later we were expecting!! 


//He proposed at this amazing waterfall in Upper Michigan called Tahquamenon Falls and it was absolutely perfect.


//So I have no been doing a lot of this (sitting around) just letting my stomach get bigger and bigger. We just made it to 27 weeks and as the weeks are speeding by we are scrambling to get things prepared and in order for this little boy to arrive in July. We couldn’t be more excited!


//I do have this blanket I knit as proof that I haven’t been completely lazy while sitting around, but I also am fortunate enough to have a job that I can knit at during downtime. Who knows without that I may have never finished this in time! But I love the color it’s a really great olive green color, and the pattern was one I found on Ravelry that was perfect for my beginner status as a knitter. Previous projects mostly included scarfs. Maybe eventually I can work my way up to some cute baby boy sweaters. Arms and shaping are intimidating though! 

/So as these next few months progress I hope to get back into the swing of blogging and keeping this space a little bit more up to date. I have been working on getting my Etsy back up and running as well so keep an eye out for new things popping up in there all the time. 

For those that may still be following along with this little blog of mine THANK YOU!  I hope within the next few weeks as well now that Wisconsin weather is finally starting to warm back up to get out and get moving again and taking some photographs along the way. I’ve also got quite a few home projects and baby projects coming up as well. We just moved and lots of DIYs are needed to make this space feel a little more homey, so I will be sure to share them with all of you in case someone else is in need of a few new project ideas!