CAM00006Hi! A quick about me… My name is Sabrina and I currently live in Milwaukee WI. I went to college in Oshkosh at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in Printmaking and Photography (After five long years). So I apologize in advance for a few photo heavy posts. After college to make some ends meet I moved in with my lovely parents in order to save some money to move to Milwaukee. Now here though, I work at a relay service sitting in front of a computer captioning telephone calls. In between calls it leaves a lot of downtime for reading, knitting, and browsing magazines. This blog is something I would like to use as a creative outlet, as well as just a document of my life. Everything from style, trips, crafts, books I’m reading, movies I have watched, and pinterest finds. I am always open to recommendations and comments/questions. In a bit I will get up some standard question/answer type things about me. I am always open to emails as well at mkepoppyandjade@gmail.com Blogging is something I have always enjoyed from afar, amassing a large blogroll on my google reader, and now that I have actually made one I am kind of making things up as I go. Although I am excited to see where this leads!


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